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Dunne and Waterman Chartered Accountants London


Personal Tax

Tax returns

At Dunne & Waterman your affairs will be dealt with by the lead partner but all of our clients are able to be served by both partners such that you are able to contact either of us as you wish. Our up to date way of working means that we are both available to deal with any queries you may have.

It is important to submit returns on a timely basis and to be able to justify the figures submitted.

Both partners have many years of experience in advising individuals and ensuring that their tax return obligations are properly met. We find that as a City firm, our rates are highly competitive.

Tax enquiries and back duty cases

It is becoming more and more common for HMRC to raise an enquiry into a tax return. In addition, some taxpayers may have got behind with the submission of their tax returns or find that they have omitted income. In all such cases we are able to deal with HMRC on your behalf on a fair yet robust basis. There is much useful information on HMRC’s website but do remember that this may often express a view favourable to HMRC!

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